Modern Girl | Dina Goldstein

Hebrew version
Alex Cousens, Arianna Botta


Masterpiece Art are excited and delighted to be able to announce the solo exhibition and UK premier of Dina Goldstein | Modern Girl.

Debuted in Paris and originally created in 2016, Dina Goldstein’s fascinating series Modern Girl, rooted in socio-political theory, could hardly be any more relevant today in 2020.

With the major worldwide political upheavals of recent times and the ongoing righteous battle for
equality played out very much in the public eye, Goldstein’s Modern Girl creates discourse on many
prevalent societal issues.

Through a layered, intriguing and wholly original approach, Modern Girl tackles identity, equality, immigration, capitalism, as well as a perceived East-West cultural divide.

The finely nuanced series cleverly critiques both cultures, all from beneath a meticulously constructed aesthetically pleasing veil of satire, inspired by historical truths and real life - realised in the concise voice of the artist.

Like so often, beauty hides and obscures the truth, and these vibrant compositions draw the viewer into a journey of deeper discovery, thus correlating many of our lived experiences.

Despite the title, the series in fact transcends gender - forcing both men and women to question their own role within established ideals that surround us from day-to-day, a wider thematic explored in other series by Goldstein.

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