Debbie Wingham: Time/Peace: OPEN NOW

Dubai, December 2021: Justifiable holder to the epithet Queen of the ‘World’s Most Expensive’ and the Queen of Luxury, Wingham’s jet set life is lived as much out of necessity to her UHNW clientele as it is an inherent part of the enigmatic creator herself – her persona, inspirations, and exuberant yet refined manifestations.


Through fine art, Wingham pays tribute to these variating and diverse factors, amalgamating her established wide success to date, with an unquenched desire for further expression.


Uniting these elements, Wingham’s resulting portfolio of fine art pieces draw upon her love, admiration, and past work in the region of the United Arab Emirates, specifically Dubai, as an expression of her deep-felt sentiment towards the regions magnificent transformation.


Split broadly into three sections, the exhibition Debbie Wingham: Time/Peace, will showcase the Time/Peace Collection – a seven-piece collection of original oil paintings; Dubai Through the Years, a trilogy of Dubai past, present and future; and the Drip Bags, a body of work that directly embodies and harnesses the artists couturier background, hybridized with the region’s consumerist fundamentals. 



The Time/Peace Collection embodies exactly that, its subject matter exploring the history of Dubai, a rapidly evolving region emblematic of ambition, hard work, opulence, and a succinct vision to be write its name in the annals of history – vision similarly shared by the empiric Wingham who fondly calls Dubai her ‘muse’, her ‘home away from home’.


Playing with the notion of time, a thematic so prevalent in this, the ‘Year of the Fiftieth’, the Time/Peace Collection echoes the sentiments of a nation as it explores components of Emirati culture, past, present, and future via symbolic painterly subject matter and physical form.


Aptly titled, each of the seven artworks are suggestive and representative of parts of the whole, the entirety of a shared and united vision.  Housed in reconstituted frames – themselves subtly hinting at the advanced commitments to confronting waste, the natural reoccurrences of the vogue and Wingham’s dedication to Eco Luxury – these artworks are messages of approval and reaffirmation of implemented successes, pillars of a bold identity.


Time Flies and The Race Against Time are two artworks which speak of the lineal success of the UAE and its rapid growth to a position of impressive economic and socio-political strength in the region, as well as an established global standing. 


Time for Visionaries is an ode to the current and burgeoning leaders, overseeing and positively guiding development, while Protect the Handset of Time speaks of preserving cultural identity – each individual commentary is expressed through a powerful and easily recognizable symbol of national identity.


Time to Step out of the Darkness and Time for World Peace speak of the progressive advances by an innately cosmopolitan society whose optimization is brought about by the harmony of its multi-national demographic.  


Finally, Your Time’s Up references the ever-shifting fabric of our worlds – the greatest civilizations come and go, only time is permanent – and with that forked message there is both hope & encouragement, but likewise damnation & warning.  Water symbolizes the tides of change and the cleansing ahead of a new beginning, reminding us of our fragility, ephemerality, and strife for legacy.



Dubai Through the Years brings in the artist’s ‘ethereal realism’, referencing Dubai’s synonymous features – its iconic skyline – with the structures of the Dubai Frame, The Burj Khalifa and the imminent Dubai Creek Tower.


Time for a Change represents the ‘past’ of Dubai, harking back to its humble roots and now relatively overlooked traditional architecture of the 60s and 70s.  A black and white view of ‘old town’ Dubai, with its narrow alleyways and windtower houses, is literally and visually embedded in the mind.  Wingham symbolically employs the Dubai Frame as the outer container for this historic vision, utilizing the Frame in painterly fashion much like its visionary architect intended – as a bridge gap, a differentiating aid, between Dubai’s old and new.


The Time is Now, literal in its meaning, captures the Emirate’s most iconic current structure – the Burj Khalifa. Utilizing an elevated viewpoint and accentuated linear perspective, Wingham adds to the grandeur of this ubiquitous symbol, crowned with a diamond-like glint.


Completing the trilogy, Time to Think Big, renders the future skyline with the Dubai Creek Tower emanating in ghostly, dreamlike form from within the human psyche. Paler tones create a futuristic setting around Dubai’s latest record attempt, emblematic of the determined ambition to raise the bar time and time again.  The Dubai Frame is again utilized to proliferate the future, fulfilling its dual-purpose, reinvigorated by flecks of gold dust. 



Flashes of flair permeate Wingham’s exhibition in the form of her iconic drip bags.  These organic sculptural tokens of consumerism, skillfully merge the artist’s passion and vision between fashion, culinarian art and her iconic style of exuberance & opulence.


“Melting in the shop window” they remind us of the surrealist timepieces in Salvador Dali’s paintings where the inorganic becomes organic, and malleable to the elements.  Created in three sizes and three finishes – gold, rose gold and silver – the drip bags are a perfect symbiosis representational of Wingham the haute couturier and multi-faceted, multi-media artist.


Like any true ‘Queen of Luxury’ Wingham intends to continue expanding her rapidly burgeoning repertoire of art pieces into 2022, combining her own past and present into a star-studded future.